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Increase your Blog TrafficThe Blog Traffic Exchange is a cutting edge cloud based service that is founded on the solid SEO principles that are already behind the architecture of many existing blog related posts plugins.

By using proprietary chaos and relevancy algorithms in conjunction with the Sphinx Open Source Full Text Index Engine, the Blog Traffic Exchange is able to effectively multiply the traffic of your blog by establishing a reader exchange with other members.

What renders the Blog Traffic Exchange remarkable is that rather than posting a host of unrelated links, it publishes a series of highly relevant content, generated to increase the quality of your blog while enhancing the experience of your readers.

The full features of the plugin are not available with an automatic install. To gain full access, sites must be approved before they can receive a key. This means that only top quality blogs are ever eligible.

No spam, no porn. Not ever.

To begin experiencing the unbelievable benefits available as part of
the Blog Traffic Exchange, please look into some of our existing clients:

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